About us

We have been where you are! We have worked in hospitality, multi-family housing, trucking & equipment, and the casinos & gaming industries. You could say we live, work and breathe sales and service.

In 1986, Signature Worldwide recognised that the secret to delivering exceptional customer service wasn’t found in fancier facilities or bigger and better resources. We realised that it comes from investing in the people with frontline access to the customer. 

In October 2008, Francis Prézeau founded Signature Canada and acquired the Canadian part of the vast roster of Signature Worldwide’s clients, to better meet their specific needs in each and every province. Meet our bilingual team!

Our Mission, Vision and Values


Offer, to the Canadian companies, personalized, sustainable and measurable business and training solutions which would contribute to optimize income by developing sales and service skills dedicated to create memorable experiences


To be the Canadian leader in sales and service training by bringing our clients to create memorable experiences.


We team up with our customers to find creative solutions which meet their needs.

We get involved completely in the realization of the objectives of our clients to contribute proudly to their success.

Our expertise and our constant search for development allow us to offer an exceptional, recognized and credible quality service.

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Our team

Francis Prézeau


Joanne Fredricks

Experience Specialist

Anh Le

Operations Support

Juliette Prézeau

Organizational Development Advisor

Trainers / Facilitators

Sara Adams joined our team in 2022. She is a high school teacher with more than 15 years experiences teaching French immersion sciences, Yoga and a variety of Fine Arts courses. She has also taught a variety of courses at local colleges. Sara frequently coordinates and offers professional development opportunities for educators, as well as workshops and retreats on creativity and mindfulness for the general public. Sara enjoys working for Signature Canada, as it affords her the flexibility to work from home with people from across Canada, while helping to facilitate a variety of interesting training sessions.

Pierre Carismé joined our team in 2021. With over 7 years of experience in education as a college lecturer, entrepreneur and coach, Pierre joined Signature Canada to provide a rewarding experience to clients. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science, an undergraduate certificate in business analysis, a graduate degree in adult education and training and is currently completing his master’s degree in educational technology. He has conducted hundreds of training sessions for the federal public service and private companies in Quebec.

Deanna Georgeson joined our team in 2021. When she began her training career counsellors in Toronto, 2003, she discovered a passion for empowering people by helping them succeed. Since then, she has enjoyed teaching the “Design Thinking” process to business executives who want to transform their companies by hiring, developing and promoting talented employees. Working with Signature Canada provides an opportunity to enhance employee experiences by hosting interactive training workshops that encourage colleagues to connect, collaborate, support each other, learn about other departments, and share alternative strategies.

Norma Jarman joined our team in January of 2021. She brings to the team 22 years of Customer Service and Sales Training and Facilitation experience. Norma’s background is in the Hospitality Industry and working with Signature Canada has allowed her to share her experience, knowledge, and expertise with employees from multiple industries across all of Canada. She enjoys and appreciates so many things about working with Signature Canada, but one aspect that stands out to her is the opportunity to connect with employees from the service industry and help them realize the power of delivering great customer service.

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Surren Maharaj joined our team in 2022. He has over 10 years of experience in delivering training programs, both online and in-person.  Surren serves as an active mentor and coach to a number of Non-profit organizations which help the youth in the areas of Entrepreneurship, customer service and soft skills development. For Signature Canada, he has been training the employees of the Federal Government Call Centres in areas of Clarity in Communication and Managing Crisis. He found this to be a rewarding experience mainly because Signature is a progressive organization in development of Human Capital and this is demonstrated in their interaction with their trainers.

Leo Ouellet joined our team in 2021. Growing up between the Gaspésie nature and the urban culture of the metropol, he holds a Certificate in Professional Writing and a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics from University of Montreal. He taught through schoolboards of anglophone, francophone, and Mi’gmaq communities of the region, and has offered private French and English language training since 2017, in-person and online. He has joined Service Canada’s team as a facilitator in 2021. He is thrilled to be part of a professional well-organised service, at the forefront of new training practices, by creating stimulating learning environments, including rich exchanges with Canadians from all origins from all over the country.

Breanna Pizzuto joined our team in 2021. She has degrees in Health Sciences and Psychology from the University of Ottawa and is currently completing her Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University. With over a decade of experience working in social services, Breanna started her own business, Talk Tools, where she facilitates workshops about mental health, active communication, suicide intervention and psychological safety in 2018. Breanna lives with her Bernese Mountain Dog, Bowser. Breanna delivers three different programs related to call centre staff. She enjoys these workshops as it’s great to meet and learn from fellow Canadians across the country and help them with the skills necessary to be more effective communicators in their jobs. 

Gisella Plastina joined our team in March of 2022. She is a graduate of Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Business Management. She began her career in retail, working for a major Canadian department store. During her 30-year career, she worked for various major Canadian retailers and held both management and executive positions. Over the years, she was able to provide her team with continuous training and succession planning for individual development. Her  passion eventually led her into a new career of training and teaching. As an instructor, she shares her extensive knowledge of the Canadian business world by expanding her love to educate and providing students with tools to succeed in the real world.

Line Rondeau joined our team in 2021. She has been a training specialist for 25 years and also design training programs in public safety, airline and hospitality industries. Line always joke about the fact that she saw the birth of virtual training! As a virtual facilitator for Signature Canada, Line really appreciate that the company makes sure her experience as an employee is optimal so she can offer the best experience to participants.

Sales and Customer Service - Quality Control Agents

Our clients

Equipment/Trucking Industry

We drive performance enhancements for some of the world’s best

Hospitality/Restaurants Industry

Signature Worldwide started its business serving the hospitality before developing solutions for other industries. Signature Canada is also very strong in the Hospitality & Restaurants Industry:

Our International Client

Signature Worldwide started its business serving the hospitality before developing solutions for other industries. Signature Canada is also very strong in the Hospitality & Restaurants Industry:

Francis Prézeau


In October 2008, Francis Prézeau founded Signature Canada, acquiring the Canadian part of the vast roster of Signature Worldwide’s clients, to better meet their specific needs. He had joined Signature Worldwide in 2003 as a regional training account manager and became Team Leader for Canada in 2007. He was the first trainer employed by Signature Worldwide to purchase a license from the American company.

With over 30 years of hospitality industry experience, Francis has gained a wealth of knowledge by working directly with hundreds of managers, sales and service personnel across the country. He has used his front-line experience to develop many of Signature’s sales and customer service training programs, which have been implemented throughout Canada, Europe and Africa for the benefit of hotels & restaurants, call centres, casinos, companies in equipment & trucking, and other industries.

Francis works with companies to custom design training programs that focus on increasing their revenue through the improvement of their customer service and their clients’ experience.

Prior to founding Signature Canada, he served in a management capacity at a variety of hotels across the province of Québec, including the Ritz-Carlton in Montréal and Fairmont Manoir Richelieu, to name a few. A graduate of the Institut de Tourisme et d’Hôtellerie du Québec, Francis has a great record of success in developing new accounts, growing strategic accounts, helping grow sales organizations, and building and developing teams to support organizational objectives.

Joanne Fredricks

Experience Specialist

Joanne Fredricks joined our team in February 2021 as an Experience Specialist. Her role includes the organization, account management and training components.

Joanne spent 20 years in the hotel industry, more specifically at the Ritz Carlton in Montreal where she held the positions of front desk clerk, reservations clerk as well as customer loyalty coordinator.

In 2009, she was able to showcase her skills by taking part in the opening of a new private medical clinic called Privamed as an administrative assistant. She worked there for 11 years.

Having always insisted on excellence and now with more than thirty years of experience in the field of customer service, she is happy to share her knowledge.

Joanne graduated from Lasalle College in the Hotel Management program.

Anh Le

Training Events Coordinator

Anh Le has been with the Signature family since 2016 years. She loves helping clients improving customer service, making their phone interactions more “legendary”. Her role is to do shop calls, coaching calls, and to ensure training coordination. She resides in Edmonton with her family and enjoys travelling whenever she can.

Juliette Prézeau

Organizational Development Advisor

Juliette first joined our team in October 2017 for two years as an administrative agent and came back in 2022 for a special project regarding Signature Canada work organization. With a bachelor in communication and a master degree in management, she learned how to listen and guide team work toward more efficient processes while keeping a good quality of work life. Passionate about travel and culture discovery, she enjoy working for Signature Canada as it gives her the opportunity to be in a positive environment with stakeholders from everywhere in Canada.