What Has Become the Customers’ Expectations in 2022?  

The summer 2022 has marked the return of travelers and a high occupancy rate in hotels, just like it was before the Covid-19 pandemic. What great news for the hospitality industry! However, the returning travelers have noticed a rise in hotel room prices. According to La Presse (2022), the price of a room has increased by 18% compared to 2019 prices. Of course, they had to make up for the difficult years 2020 and 2021 has been for tourism. But today, did the customers’ expectations changed?  How can we offer a service to match this price increase with a labour shortage? 

To start, this return of occupancy shows to the employees the client’s value for the hotels. The central message to pass is that the success of companies in the hotel industry is based on the customers’ experiences and therefore whether they will return or recommend the hotel. 

Customers want a unique and reassuring experience regarding hygienic measures. They are happy to be back, but also want to feel that hoteliers value their presence. 

Signature Canada’s training programs can help you ensure a customer journey that meets their expectation and thus “justify” the increase in room prices. The content of the training adapts to the changing realities you face (lack of employees, debt, customer insecurity, etc.). For example, the subject brought up during a training can be:  

  1. Demonstrate the importance of listening to provide legendary service to the client and not just performing a task. 
  1. Establish the best way to serve multiple customers at once (over the phone and at the front counter) quickly, with reduced staffing. 
  1. Teach how to welcome clients and informed them about the hotel advantages, the services offered and the hygienic measures in place, etc.  

Here are some ideas to adapt your services to today’s reality:  

  1. Offer the option to return the call to the customers instead of putting them on hold. Being on hold is the last thing we want as a client.  
  1. Offer a breakfast buffet, and why not with the option to deliver it to the room.  
  1. Include a short guide on the best restaurants or places to go within walking distance of your hotel. A great way to make your potential partners shine. The customer will feel supported and confident to visit these places. 

To add to these suggestions, what initiatives will you take to give your clients a more legendary experience? You are missing ideas? Signature Canada is here to guide you! 

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