Everyone wants to improve customer service – after all, that’s what differentiates a good company from a legendary company. But what can you do to improve customer service right now?

Signature is an established leader in providing inspiring and fun, results-driven training that sticks. For over 25 years, we have been a thought leader in how to not only improve customer service, but how to directly use customer service as a way to increase sales and directly affect customer loyalty to your brand. 

Our trainings reflect our dedication to delivering customer service – which is why we wanted you to have these six tips to improve your customer service today. Making use of each of these tips will help your front-facing personnel immediately deliver on your company’s promises and grow your bottom line.

1. Engage your Audience—and let them engage with you

When a customer engages you for a sale, how do you respond? Are you only giving them a price for what they want? Or are you asking them the right questions for more information on everything they need? Are you giving them the key reasons why they should do business with you instead of a competitor? By engaging with your customer – even on a first phone call – you will have the advantage in knowing what they need, and delivering on their needs from start to finish.

2. Be vigilant with your audiences

When someone walks up to your front desk to pick up equipment or to check-in to their room – are you just giving them the keys, or are you asking them about their expectations? Once they have what they need, are you following-up with them on their experience? Be vigilant with your customers – they will feel appreciated that you took the time to ask how their experience is going, and you have feedback on how you can make it even better next time.

3. Listen to the customer

One of the lessons we consistently teach is listening to the customer, no matter what state they are in. You would be surprised how much listening can diffuse a situation in a hurry. Based on their concern, work towards a resolution that benefits all parties. We’re not saying that the customer is ALWAYS right – but by understanding their situation, you are better equipped to help them get the resolution they need.

4. Deliver a resolution that is good for all parties

Resolution can come in many different forms – not just giving away free products or services. It can be as simple as providing a guest’s request on the first call, or a technician showing up on time with a clean appearance and good attitude. By delivering on your company promises, your customer will have nothing but praise for your company!

5. Leave no customer behind

Just because the transaction with the customer has ended, it doesn’t mean your relationship has ended too. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the customer after they leave and ask about their experience. If you don’t want to call them, send them a quick follow-up survey via e-mail. By doing this, not only have you planted the seeds for their next interaction –but you have also made sure that their current transaction went as smoothly as possible.

6. Remember the bottom line

If for no other reason, deliver consistency in your customer service skills to impact your bottom line. The better you treat your customers, the better they will treat you. Deliver quality customer service in every situation, and your customers won’t go to websites like the Trip Advisor, Yelp, or take complaints to Twitter. Instead, they’ll recommend you to their colleagues and friends. And as those recommendations go out, so grows your sales every year.