Upselling – the “Do’s” and “Don’ts”

Regardless of the industry, every business wants to boost sales and drive larger profits in today’s economy. Even if you’re already making solid sales, there’s always potential for improvement. One of the most effective techniques is upselling, whether an upgrade or add-on is offered to an existing purchase. If you’ve ever been asked if you […]

Want to be the actor of the next steps of the customer journey?

Too often, when listening to mystery shop calls (one of our means to evaluate your customer service) made prior to a Sales training class, I hear phrases like I’ll send you the proposal and Call me if you have any questions. We also hear that a lot when the training participants do their role plays, […]

How to treat those repeat customers and still cover the sales process?

It goes without saying that any returning customers (regular or not) want to be recognized and, per say, do not need to be “sold” to your product; hence the annoyance when you persist following a process with them regardless of their status. All you really want is to ensure they have the best service possible […]

How do you maintain a customer for life?

Creating life-long customers How do you maintain a customer for life? Although this should be every company’s goal, a realist might say there is no such thing. Regardless of what you believe, always strive to build loyalty, so your customers always think of your company first when they have needs that you can fulfill.  Even […]

Exceed expectations by offering an irreproachable service, the Château Vaudreuil…

In the past articles, we talked about the importance of improving communication between managers and staff of the Château Vaudreuil Hôtel & Suites. Then, the sale’s approach needs to be linked to the process in order to better present the hotel’s features and thus increase revenues ; no matter the person’s role within the team. […]

Six Tips you Need to Know to Improve Customer Service Today!

Everyone wants to improve customer service – after all, that’s what differentiates a good company from a legendary company. But what can you do to improve customer service right now? Signature is an established leader in providing inspiring and fun, results-driven training that sticks. For over 25 years, we have been a thought leader in […]