Signature Canada Services ~ The Importance of The Employees’ Role

In this video, Francis Prézeau demonstrates how every employees of your company have an impact on the customer’s experience. Signature Canada can help your employees realize the impact they can have on customers’ retention. He also present our Mystery shop programs. 

Signature Canada Services ~ Predict The Client’s Needs

In this video, Francis Prézeau demonstrate how Signature Canada can help your team to take the time and predict your clients needs, either by being prepared to multiple solutions, or offering an additional service that can make their experience legendary.

Multi-Tasking Customer Service

You possibly held a job in customer service where you have been put in a position where you felt you had to “Multi-task” customer service and daily tasks. We’ve also seen a line up out the door and you are short a person because they “called in sick.” It is not the guests’ fault, not […]