5 Reasons to Use a Training Company Rather than Doing it Internally 

Before we go further, let’s demystify two beliefs so often evoked by prospects for not dealing with a training company. 
In the first place, I often hear leaders telling me that they prefer “to do it internally” because: “… anyway we shall obtain the same results”. The second myth is about the costs. One of the main arguments is that training is perceived as a spending, and not an investment. But the question is: “do you invest at the right place and for the right services or training programs?” 

Training and coaching your employees are investments for the growth of your business.  
To help you in your decision, here are 5 reasons to use a training company to which the primary purpose is to make your team better in what they do every day. The return on investment is then assured. 

1. The expertise 
The companies are specialized in adults learning and adapt the message according to the audience.  
Furthermore, the training companies are specialized in a domain which is not necessarily yours; that makes them experts.

2. The customization 
Training sessions must be adapted to the reality of the company and be a continuity in the message conveyed by management. 
The training companies have to understand your objectives, your culture and use a voice similar to yours, otherwise, the participants will be confused upon their return to work.

3. The trainers’ availability 
The trainers must be available and work closely with the same customer. Here again, there should be continuity in the message. The more we understand a customer, the more the examples are relevant. As a result, a much better employee development.

4. A measurement system or a quality control process 
You have certainly read once: “what gets measured, gets done”. Many organizations see this as a disciplinary approach. To me, this is the way of seeing to what extent training is effective and gives results. When the measure is taken, generally by mystery shoppers, we bring personalized correctives into training. Mystery shop calls are “snapshots” of the service or the sale that the customer experienced. For it to be effective, Signature Canada develops personalized score sheets and clear scoring guidelines. 

5. A reinforcement program 
A good training must rest on a robust program which will assure a continuous development of the participants. Ideally, this program must include a mixture of training (in class or virtual), of measurements (mystery shoppers, surveys, focus groups, etc.), of leaders’ support (Account Manager, Client Support or other contacts) and a good variety of training modules for all situations related to the program. 

My suggestion: reach out to us for personalized business and training solutions in customer service. You will invest in efficient and personalized training and guarantee a return on your investment in your company!  



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